Pearl Mourning Necklace

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***Please note that this design will be officially retired on December 31st 2018. All pieces are handmade and limited edition and may sell out before this date.

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A handstrung strand of Pearls (Pearls were used in Mourning Jewelry in Victorian England to symbolize tears) fastened with 14k gold hands, symbolic of the relationship between the person who has passed away and the loved ones left behind. A reminder of loss but also of union and the hope of reunion.

Slips over the head, total length 24"

-Vintage Teardrop Champagne Pink Pearls
-14k Gold Chain
-14k Gold Clasp Faux Clasp (moves, but does not open),
slips over the head
-Total Length 24"

Each piece is made by hand. Your necklace will ship within 4 business days, more info on shipping can be found on the FAQ page)