Devotion Ring


Inspired by the Neapolitan Cult of Devotion, a group of women devoted to caring for the unclaimed remains of those who perished in disasters past. Devotees create boxes, or "houses", and clean, bring fresh flowers and adorn their skulls. Through this ritual they are paying respect to the remains of people who may not have had any in life, those devoid of proper burials.

Each box ring is handmade, just like the ones in Naples built by the cult.

-.925 Silver
-Clear Hand-cut Crystal
-"Box" Measures Approx. 13mm x 10mm x 5mm

"...and I won't forget to put roses on your grave"

All rings are custom made exclusively to your specifications. Please allow 4-5 weeks production time. Please note that this is a longer production time as The Devotion Rings these are particularly labor intensive. Thank you for supporting handmade!