Ruby Coffin

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Till Death Us Part...

A mesmerizing Rose colored Ruby Coffin, featuring our signature faceting. Set in luminous 14k Rose gold to endure the test of time, to wear for a lifetime.

-1.1ct Ruby Coffin
-14K Rose Gold
-Bezel setting (no snagging)
-Clasped Hands Detail

The clasped hands detail, a symbol of faith, love and devotion is concealed in the wearers palm

One of a kind. Ships Priority Mail with full insurance and signature requirement. You will receive a tracking number once your order has shipped.

"Ruby is a protective stone that is said to bring happiness and passion into the life of the wearer. Ruby was considered the stone of love, energy, passion, power, and a zest for life. Like no other gemstone in the world, Ruby is the perfect symbol for powerful feelings.