Urn Relic Vessel - Memento Container- Web Exclusive


Urn Memento Necklace. The top of this capsule screws off allowing you to fill its chamber in the convenience of your own home. Keep close the ashes of a loved one, the fur of a fallen pet, store a love letter, a dried rose from your grandmother's garden, or a rag soaked in your favorite perfume just as the victorians did.

Secured on a long sterling chain by a clasp of solid silver hands. The fastened hands indicate the relationship between the person who has passed away and the loved ones left behind. The hands are a symbol of loss, but also of union and the hope of reunion.

Whether you choose to wear this as a memorial in remembrance of a loved one, or a reliquary of your own chosen collection is entirely up to you.

-Solid 925 Silver.

-Sterling chain made in Italy, featuring our hand carved clasped hands closure.

-Total necklace length 25", slips easily over the head without opening the clasp.

Hand engraving is available upon email request, please contact us for information.

Ships in 2-3 business days