Weep Not Necklace, One of a kind


Weep not nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as though I were beside you. I loved you so...

Each stone is hand picked and one of a kind, chosen for it's resemblance to a Weeping Willow tree, a symbol of sorrow and mourning. The Weeping Willow's name comes from it's appearance to be bowing in grief. However, the tree with it's melancholy branches yet sturdy trunk is also a hopeful emblem of resurrection due to it's ability to re-grow from a single cutting. Wear as a reminder that although there is no "moving on", we can move forward, withstanding the greatest of challenges.

Prices vary by stone and metal.
-Silver & Dendritic Quartz, Dendritic Agate or Moss Agate ($395-$495)
-14k Yellow Gold & Dendritic Agate ($995)
-Hangs 16" Long

Ready to ship.