Weep Not Signet


"Weep not nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as though I were beside you. I loved you so..."

Each stone is hand picked and one of a kind, chosen for it's resemblance to a Weeping Willow tree, a symbol of sorrow and mourning. The Weeping Willow's name comes from it's appearance to be bowing in grief. However, the tree with it's melancholy branches yet sturdy trunk is also a hopeful emblem of resurrection due to it's ability to re-grow from a single cutting. Wear as a reminder that although there is no "moving on", we can move forward, withstanding the greatest of challenges.

Ring A (size 7), Ring B (size 8) & Ring G (size 7) are ready to ship. Stones C through F are available for pre-order and a custom ring can be made in your size, simply leave your ring size in the notes section at checkout. If you don't see the stone listed in the drop down menu it has sold. Production will resume once the Pause Executive Order in New York has been lifted. Please note: This will cause a multi week delay in our normal production time.